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Prewriting Workshop - LIM I Less is more

In partnership with the development programme LIM I Less is more, FOCAL offers a five-day workshop that focuses on the development before entering the writing process.

The workshop helps the participants to get into research mode, explore and generate new ideas. It inspires them to play with the possibilities that accompany every idea. The tutors teach how to use constraints to push creativity further. The participants are given tools and methods to release their creative energy, interact playfully with their intellectual material, and generate various story ideas. The participants are supported while testing their story plot to determine if they are worth being developed in a feature-length film.

The two international script consultants from LIM/Le Groupe Ouest will create a safe environment and invite the participants to tackle their ideas and strengthen them through theory and practical exercises.

The workshop is not designed to work mainly on projects the participants are currently occupied with. Pre-writing is really the work on an idea, but not on a very specific advanced project. Nevertheless, the experience and knowledge that the participants will gain will also positively influence the work on their current projects.


The LIM programme and methodology have been developed mainly for fiction projects. Authors from documentaries are welcome if they also want to work on fiction.


Application deadline: 4 July 2022

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