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No Planet No Film

A workshop for producers

We all know: film production has a negative impact on the environment. On the basis of concrete examples, we will analyse this impact, explore possible avenues for change, the constraints these changes imply and the importance of introducing political rules and, at best, subsidies.

By means of two inspiring case studies presented by their producers, we will be able to understand how we Swiss producers can be part of the solution, how we can act eco-friendly without being too constrained, measuring the impact of the choices we make. It is not just a matter of becoming familiar with tools for managing the set or recycling waste, but of how to integrate more sustainable thinking into our daily work, into the management of our production companies, into our editorial choices and into project development.

We will see how a producer can be the trigger for such a change, how he or she can inspire and motivate other departments. Cinema also feeds imagination by representing the world of tomorrow. It therefore plays a social role that we producers can assume by inspiring change.

Registration deadline: 15 March 

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