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Working Together – Focus on Conflict Management and Teamleading

As film professionals, we regularly experience difficult relationships, misunderstandings and serious conflicts. Preparing and shooting a film can feel like being in a pressure cooker: lack of time, financial pressure and stress. We treat these problems with surprising passivity considering they exhaust us and are detrimental to the quality of our films, thus reducing their chance of artistic and financial success.

During this intensive day, George Kohlrieser will give us new insights into conflict management and leadership. George owes his survival to having created a connection with the person who was threatening to kill him. Based on this experience and using the latest researches on cognitive science, social neuroscience and performance studies, he has developed tools that we can use in our daily relationships and that help us to become better team leaders. We will address how not to be hostages of our team and support it instead, how to improve the dialogue, and how to create and maintain a bond with any member of the team, even during conflict. We will then understand that behind each conflict there is a loss and the chance of an enriching relationship.

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